Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sweet Bill O'Reilly I Hate Jesus Camp

Ted Haggard has admitted that he has had a sexual relationship with a male prostitute. Haggard was featured in the film "Jesus Camp". Well, due to negative reacion from the film, Jesus Camp will be
shutting down for "at least several years". This is good.

I did not see the movie nor do I intend to. I feel that I have an idea of what Jesus Camp is all about, and it's all about intolerance. Being atheist I have a hard time understanding how one could believe in such a thing as a "god", but I really have a problem with evangelism, especially the "fire and brimstone" kind practiced by such denominations as the Pentecostals. They use fear to motivate you to love God (who supposedly loves you anyway), and I think that this kind of message is completely at odds with itself. I think that this is one reason why these people seem so delusional. They are able to hold diametrically opposing views in their heads without snapping. To really, honestly, thoroughly believe this stuff is, in my humble opinion, insane.

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