Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bush Admits Being a Liar (And a Stupid One at That)

So Bush lied. He admitted it, so don't start in with that "I'm sick of you liberals screaming 'Bush lied' all the time! No he didn't." Well, first of all, yes he did. And second, this time he blatently admitted it, right there on live TV during his post-election-sulking/press conference. He said he didn't want to inject a military matter into the middle of a political process. Huh? You mean, he thought that the people didn't have a right to know that the president had been, apparently for some time, preparing to replace his Secretary of Defense? This was something we were screaming for him to do if he cared in the least bit for Americans. Why treat that like something we ought not know before we decide whether or not to send his supporters back to Congress? This is insane.

Apparently, some days back, Bush was telling three reporters that no matter what happened, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were staying throughout the rest of his term. It was only after saying that that he pointed out that Cheney was elected and couldn't be fired. (Maybe Bush doesn't watch Stargate SG-1, because he would know that he could demand the veep's resignation.) I guess on a psychological level, he must have known that he could do that, and that the thought probably crossed his mind, or else he would have answered those "three characters" (as he referred to them during the press conference) something like, "Well the Vice President is elected, and Rummy stays with me." Instead he said that they both would be staying on, then added the part about Cheney being an elected official.

So my bet is that he thought about how to replace Cheney, but realized that he couldn't do it on his own. We can all hope that Cheney gave him an ultimatum. You know, "If my lifelong friend Donny goes, I go." Then he would have to make good on this threat and resign. let's be real here, folks. If Cheney wants to step down, all he has to do is cite health reasons, and no one will question it. They shouldn't, since as far as we've been told, he's not a healthy man. In addition to the numerous heart problems he's had, he apparently also has kidney problems. And I thinnk the medication for his kidneys is causing him other blood problems, the medication for which affects his bad heart. So he's not in good shape. If he were to annouce tomorrow that he was stepping down for health reasons, I doubt he would get much criticism. No one with a sense of decency would criticize a sick person, would he? (Rush Limbaugh has no decency, so that's not an exception.) But, as they used to say during the Revolutonary War, "that's a topic for another thread."

The point was, Bush lied, and nothing his supporters can say will alter that fact. And his reasons for lying were not in the least bit noble. He wasn't trying to save someone's life. He wasn't trying to prevent a war. He wasn't trying to do anything that could remotely be called "good for the country." He told a lie for political purposes, and bad ones at that. The ironic thing is, I fervently believe that if he had done this a week or two week before the elections, the heat would have been off his party enough that they might have kept the Senate and, who knows, maybe the House, too?

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