Sunday, November 12, 2006

Are All These Presidential Campaign Stops Legal

Does anyone know what the rules are regarding the president's use of government equipment, at taxpayer expense, to go out campaigning? And does anyone really believe the bullshit excuses of these being "official function" trips because he stopped somewhere to do something "presidential"? The only reason he did something "presidential" was so he could justify the taxpayers paying for the trip which, as long as he was out, would include a stop to campaign. It's a chicken-and-egg thing. The real purpose of the trip is to campaign. But to get the taxpayers to pay for it, as opposed to the political party which should be paying for the campaign stop, they add some "official" bullshit so it becomes "legal". This has to stop no matter who's been doing it or for how long. And whatever system is put into place, let's not be stupid and allow them to do it "on the honor system". Get real. These are politicians. The vast majority of them would have to be taught how an "honor system" worked. Starting with the president.

Yes, the Democrats have finally won, but that doesn't mean that Bush has suddenly become a "man of integrity". He must be overseen. And I, as a tax-paying citizen want to know if our president was misusing our money. Why am I not entitled to an answer to that question? Make that an honest answer.

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