Saturday, November 11, 2006

If Ken Mehlman Really is Gay

For the record, I don't care if Ken Mehlman is gay. I'm a liberal, remember? As far as I'm concerned (and as far as EVERY person in the world should be concerned) he can have sex with any consenting adult he wants. It's none of my nor anyone else's business. What bothers me is that if he really is gay, then how could he support what his party tried to do during his term? Again, assuming he is gay, how could he stand by while his party engaged in their annual attempt to rile up the homophobes in the country by trying to amend the Constitution to take away, rather than grant, someone's right, namely, the right to marry another person of the same gender.

I want all you opponents of allowing two people of the same gender to marry (and notice I did not specify that they were gay) to explain to me why you feel the way you do. Is it because of your religious beliefs? Because that's not a reason to amend the Constitution, to conform with your particular religion's rules. That amounts to an endorsement of a particular religion. And besides, the people who quote the Bible as justification for banning gay marriage are being hypocrites. There are plenty of capital offenses in that same part of the Bible that they don't scream about. (Women wearing clothes made from two different cloths and farmers planting two different crops in the same field also warrant the death penalty, according to the Old Testament.) I can't believe it has anything to do with "morality", because the people making the biggest stink about this thing were some of the most immoral people we had in government (and society). It can't be because such a union would not produce children. That is not, nor never was, a requirement to get married. Jane and I married each other with the full intent to never have children because we both know that we would make irresponsible parents. Yet no one has ever suggested that we shouldn't be allowed to marry. So that can't be it.

No, the only reason I can think of for why people would oppose "gay marriage" is because of a deep hatred of homosexuals. Sadly, this hatred is often driven by ignorance, or the bigotry one learned growing up. These people do not know what they're talking about, it's as plain as that. These people were exposed to some very ignorant thinking in their youth, and somehow they came to believe things that were not true. Even Senator John Warner, then Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, actually said, during the Don't Ask-Don't tell debates, that he did not believe it possible for a homosexual to remain celibate while in the military. How could a man who once married Elizabeth Taylor still believe such ignorant things? Sadly, powerful, influential idiots like this make the laws in this country. Maybe it's time we amend the Constitution to require that all legislation passed by Congress be based on facts? I realize that some in the Republican Party would have a hard time finding facts to back their positions, but it's what this country needs: Truth-based laws.

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bluedahlia said...

Noticed no one has answered your questions. You make way too much sense. Those people are not about common sense or facts or silly little things like that. I am a humanist and totally agree with you two. :)