Sunday, July 08, 2007

Meet the Cats: Dulcinea

Dulcie is our most mischievous kitty, too smart and too bold for her own good. We ended up keeping her because, when we brought a bunch of kittens to the vet to be put up for adoption, she was deemed too unhealthy (she has runny eyes from Bartonella's disease--supposedly extremely contagious, but to date only two of our cats had ever contracted it.) Dulcie loves to burrow under the bed covers, so if we see a lump in the bed we have to feel it to see if it's her. Her coat is beautifully sleek, which helps us to identify her in the dark! When she's in an affectionate mood, she'll butt her head against our hands, elbows, face, anywhere she can reach. Her ultimate sign of affection is a (more or less) gentle chewing on the tip of my nose (I say 'my' because Wayne is more wary of this habit, but I don't mind it so much--it's more stinky than painful.)


Anonymous said...

Let's try this again... for some reason comments gave me a hard time...
What a beauty! And she is the long-lost twin of my Valentina!

Anonymous said...

SkdeA, veritas sent me pictures of her two cats, and one of them looks just like Dulcie, too!