Monday, November 06, 2006

Stop Saying We Want to Destroy Bush

We liberals are not opposed to the war in Iraq because we want to “destroy” Bush. We are opposed to the war because it was never necessary. I will make this as simple as I can:

Everything that the administration said that was a justification for war turned out not to be true.

Everything that the administration said that turned out to be true was not a justification for war.

Unless and until President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and the Republican Party admit that they lied in order to get us into this military occupation of Iraq (which is what it is now), there can never be any meaningful discussion of what to do next. Because everything they say is based on the lies they put forth in the first place. They refuse to admit they were wrong at all, so how can they be convinced that a new direction is needed? This is why we’re angry. They lied. They refuse to admit they lied. They keep saying that we’re wrong because we won’t agree to their version of the “facts”. And we won’t agree to their version of the “facts” because they aren’t facts.

On another point, I am sick and tired of hearing the administration say that “the facts on the ground” will determine when our troops will leave Iraq, because “the facts on the ground” certainly had nothing to do with why we invaded in the first place.

Facts are facts. They are neither liberal nor conservative. Just because the facts make the President and Vice President look like liars, it doesn’t mean that they are liberal “facts” and should be ignored. President Bush IS a liar. Vice President Cheney IS a liar. Those are facts.

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