Saturday, July 07, 2007

Meet the Cats: Mouse

Mouse arrived at our back door with her father, Smoky, one cold winter's night, looking like a fat miniature version of her dad. Although she wouldn't let me near her, her mother, Mamacita (a regular fixture at our back door practically since the day we moved in), and her brother, Butterball, were more sociable. Butterball was killed by a car when they were about six months old, and it was terrible to see how much Mouse missed him. Mouse eventually became pregnant (she still wouldn't let me catch her, so she hadn't been spayed.) When she went into labor, she seemed to be having a difficult time, so I sat near her and gave her moral support for a couple of hours, until we decided that we had to take her to the emergency vet. Apparently the one unborn kitten was so big that Mouse couldn't push it out without help, and the kitten was stillborn. However, that traumatic day cemented Mouse's relationship with me, and she became totally devoted to me after that. Her nickname was "Mousie Dung". Mouse was a fixture in my lap every night for years, and loved to wash my hands and face (which could be extremely uncomfortable sometimes!) She became terminally ill when she was about 12 years old, and died about a month before my mother did.


Anonymous said...


Mouse looks just like my Kosmo Kitty, who is also a bit of a character. Check my facebook "My pics" photo album for a deceptively sweet picture of her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! I knew that we were simpatico from our discussions on TP. I am a cat lover myself and I adore the photos of yours. I've recently been toying with stopping my posting at TP because of all of troll blather and it's frustrating if I believe even half of what they say that they believe. In any case, I am 75% czechoslovakian myself (irish 25%) and share a spiritual background not dissimilar to yours.

If you will post your private email for me here, I can continue this conversation without making it all public.


Anonymous said...

Zooey, it's going to be a real project for me to get all of my GOOD pictures of Mousie and all of the others onto my computer. I have some of Mouse and her brother that really show their sibling bond.


Anonymous said...

Veritas, it's

Anonymous said...

Just sent the two of you an email. I was so excited that the I omitted critical letters in the first one and had to resend it. Too funny!

I am so thrilled to have an alternate way to communicate with you. I also love Zooey's posts and I am hoping that she will send me an email address for her as well.

Anonymous said...


TP has prevented Ace from posting for the past two day, while "Mr President" and his dozen aliases are allowed to prattle away uninterrupted on the neocons behalf.

Clearly TP represents something or someone that does not align with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Recognize that"Progessive" - isn't.

Wayne A. Schneider said...

I understand ace's frustation with ThinkProgress. Trolls who constantly flood that site with useless nonsense (likes hundreds of crosses) are allowed to waste bandwidth while someone trying to expose the lies of the administration are prevented from being heard.

I plan to some day post an item about 9/11 and what I think of it, but this particular item is about our cute little Mouse, and what a "licky girl" she used to be. When we are able to find them, Jane and I will put more pictures of her up, especially in her hilarious poses. (Like the one where she's on her back, feet and belly up, her tongue sticking out, and her eyes somewhat crossed. Absolutely adorable.)