Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fred Wilpon Has His Head Up His Ass

I can't fucking believe it! The New York Mets, the baseball team I grew up loving and following despite every season other than 1969 and 1986 have sold out! They sold the naming rights for their new stadium to CitiGroup! They want to call it "Citi Field". You know, they must employ morons in the department at CitiGroup that came up with this name. Did no one pay attention to what the fans wanted? Did they not know that we would have preferred that it be named after someone both baseball- and New York-related? Someone like Gil Hodges? Or Jackie Robinson? Or even beloved original sportscaster Lindsey Nelson? And are they so stuck up and full of themselves that it occurred to NO ONE at CitiGroup that disgruntled Mets fans (numbering more than 99.9% of them) would just call it "Shitty Field"? Are they that stupid?

And Mr. Wilpon [Mets owner], what the hell got into you? Are you that hard up for money? Pull your head out of your ass! Stop this deal right now and name the stadium after a New York baseball personality.

I make you this promise, Mr. Wilpon. If that stadium is named after a corporation, I will never set foot in it. Ever.


Exley said...

Wayne, Wayne, Wayne....It's a sad day. But it'll always be Shea Stadium to us.

Exley said...

But Wayne..."If that stadium is named after a corporation, I will never set foot in it. Ever." ????

I don't believe that for ONE SECOND, Wayne!

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Truly extremely pitiful But it'll generally be Shea Stadium to us.

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