Friday, July 06, 2007

Meet the Cats: Troi

Troi was about six weeks old, her eyes still blue, when she decided to adopt us. Although her mother, Motley, tried to get her to leave after each feeding time, Troi resisted as much as possible. Even though many of the adult cats who had known us much longer still shied away from us, Troi was completely unafraid of us. Her penchant for sitting on my foot while I prepared the cats' dinner earned her the nickname "Foot Soldier". She was such a cute "little one" (a name we had taken to calling her), that we decided to name her that. Sort of. Actually she's named after Deanna Troi, a character on "Star Trek: The Next Generation". In that series, Troi's mother always called her "little one". So that's how she got the name "Troi". She has grown into a real sweetheart, and sleeps on our feet every night.


Anonymous said...

Jane & Wayne: This little one is absolutely adorable! I have two american shorthairs (classic silver tabby and a brown mackerel tabby) who are both 10 months old. Such mischief they manage to get themselves into. They're a delight to observe, aren't they?

When I find myself getting depressed about that state of this country and the level of corruption within, I simply take my attention to my furballs who provide unconditional love and the world feels so much better instantly.

Live Earth! What a concert! What a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, we feel much the same way. It's wonderful to watch kittens develop their individual personalities and relationships!

Enjoy the beautiful day!