Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Inhuman Bastard

Bill O'Reilly has certainly been known to say some stupid and even false things, and sometimes at the same time. Remember how he twice claimed that at Malmedy in WWII, it was Americans soldiers who gunned down unarmed Nazi SS officers. It was, of course, the other way around. But what Bill O'Reilly said in response to the testimony of General Petraeus was inhuman. Horribly, despicably, vilely inhuman.

"My feeling is that we should allow General Petraeus the resources he needs within a year's time. After that, the Iraqi army must step up and provide their own security with a few American battalions in support. For the future of both the USA and Iraq, that is probably the best course of action in a truly painful situation."

Okay, Bill, I have only one request of you. I want you to go to Iraq, anywhere you think you need to, and walk up and put your hand on the shoulder of the first one of those soldiers that you thought should die before this is over, and tell him to his face that you okayed his death. You inhuman bastard.

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