Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stopping Telephone Solicitors

About five and a half years ago, Steven Rubenstein wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle that he had a sure fire way to stop telephone solicitors, and it takes three little words. "Hold on, please." When you find yourself bothered by one of these annoying callers (despite being on the National No Call Registry), just ask them to hold on for a few moments and then set the phone down and walk away. The reason it works is because when you hang up immediately, they can move on to the next call on their list. This is how they can reach hundreds of homes instead of just a few dozen. But if everybody told them to hold on, it would waste several minutes and seriously reduce the number of other people they could bother.

Visit the National No Call Registry and sign up to reduce the number of telephone solicitations you receive. Already did it before? Well, you might have to do it again. Your name only stays on the list for five years. Then you have to register again.


Redbeard72 said...

You know, I tried this the other day. Guess what, the guy called back! He called back a total of three times! The third time, he actually went to the trouble of blocking his number! That time, I figured his persistence was worth a nod, so, yeah, I answered. He wanted to talk to my wife about exciting real estate opportunities in Costa Rica!

Wayne A. Schneider said...

At some point, he has to be considered as harrassing you. But at least you wasted a lot of his time. Like the man said, it works if everybody does it, not just a few. And thanks for visiting my blog.

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