Saturday, September 15, 2007

No Jail For Foley

Looks like Mark Foley will get away with it, from a legal standpoint. Florida has a three-year statute of limitations, and since the alleged incident with the minor took place in 2003, and the investigation didn't start until 2006, he likely won't be prosecuted. And guess who's being blamed? The media, of course, for sitting on the story too long, despite the fact that several Republican Congressman knew (or suspected) about Foley even before ABC News got their hands on the e-mails. Raw Story has more.


Red-Beard said...

The wheels of justice always seem to turn to slowly when there are repubs in their path, don't they? What do you think will become of poor old Larry Craig?

Redbeard72 said...

Funny how the Republicans always seem to get away with stuff these days; while a certain high ranking Democratic president was pilloried for his indiscretions. That's justice for you.