Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yes, I'm Finally Here

Hi! Yes, I'm finally here. I'm sure that some of Wayne's more frequent visitors are curious to see what I look like, so here you go. Although it's blurry (taken with a phone), it's the most recent picture of me.
Those of you who are familiar with me from Think Progress are probably saying to yourselves, "WTF is Jane doing with a dog?" Well, for a while at our office, for some reason a few people would occasionally bring in their dogs. The puppy in my lap is a pit bull named Kayla, one of the sweetest, friendliest dogs I've ever met. She loved to visit with everyone in the office, and we all adored her.
I know that I promised certain people that I would get my cat pictures up here for any who are interested. I'm still working on that project, plus some other photo displays. Unfortunately, some of my best photos are older and need to be scanned, but I have enough already in the computer to work with, and that I think you'll enjoy. Just give me a little time, and I hope that you'll think the results are worth the wait.
Please don't expect me to be as prolific as Wayne, especially since I'm just starting out on this adventure. However, if there's any topics that you'd like my thoughts on, I'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...


I must admit my first thought was, "Dear Lord. She has dogs, too?"

It's great to meet you. I'm too wimpy to post my pic. (actually, more like won't allow anyone to take one.)
Thanks for your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane,

I always pictured you as a blondie. Good to see you!


Jane E. Schneider said...

Nope, no dogs (and especially not a pit bull), too many cats! As I said, it was the only recent photo of me that I actually had saved on my computer. I debated about putting a pic of myself up at all, but figured "what the hell", I'm not proud!

And you are most welcome, I'm glad we 'met.' You keep up that good work raising Miniblue right, I mean 'left'!

Jane E. Schneider said...

Hey, Zookeeper, thanks for stopping by, too. I hope to have more stuff set up, whether writing or my photos, as soon as possible. In the meantime, though, I just wanted to get started with something, even if it's a blurry picture of me--but the dog is cute, right?

Anonymous said...

Jane, you're beautiful.
Thanks for your (and Wayne's) contribution at TP..

troll alert

Anonymous said...

Thank you, TA...and, you're welcome, TA!