Monday, July 30, 2007

Photos: Nature

I always used to enjoy drawing when I was young, and thought that I was good at it. After three years of Art in high school, and majoring in Art in my one year of college, I realized that I was quite wrong. My fellow students were VASTLY superior in talent and vision, even in high school (John Whalley, 'Berta Egan [aka "Bobbie" Egan], Catherine Vanaria, Gene Gort, I'm bowing to you!)

Eventually I turned to (amateur) photography to express myself, and have had found more fulfillment with this venue. Here is a selection of "Nature"-themed photos with which I am pleased. I hope that you enjoy them, too.


Gregg Mattocks said...


Your photos are absolutely beautiful.

I especially like the crimson tree.

I'm really tired so will have to take a raincheck on Wayne's verbose posts for now.

Think I'll visit willyloman's blog real quick, then hit the hay.

I always love visiting with you both at TP!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Jane! Your pictures are fantastic. Now I have to delete all of my pics on facebook, because I realize they're horrible. It's all your fault!!

*run sobbing from the room*

Zooey ;)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Jane !

troll alert

willyloman said...

Nice work Jane. Back when I thought I wanted to be a freelance photog, I only took the stereotypical black and whites of homeless guys and graveyards. Oh, the college years.
Very nice work.
Though you did make Zooey cry. Poor Zooey.

Jane E. Schneider said...

Sorry, Zooey, I didn't mean to make you cry! Maybe I should stick to just my cat pictures, they're just snapshots, nothing special. I just wanted to share my meager talent with my blogger friends. (See, I'm not just good at proofreading!)

Thanks for the compliments, guys. If it won't make Zooey cry again, maybe I'll add more photos to this post soon.