Friday, July 06, 2007

Picking My Brain 07-07-06

It's President George W. Bush's birthday today. I'll say the same thing as I do about my own birthday. Who gives a shit? Really.

If you really, really, really love that "Dramatic Look" video, follow the link. You'll either thank me later, or curse me. In any case, you're welcome.

I have to confess that I am going to miss Stargate SG-1. I liked that show. It was smart and funny, and it put forth an image of "man's place in the universe" that fits in with my own. That we are just one voice in a chorus of thousands upon thousands. I may have some personal differences about some of the extra-terrestrials along the way, but all-in-all, it was a good show. And its spin-off series, Stargate Atlantis, has been picking up nicely with its story lines. I also highly recommend Eureka. And Heroes on NBC. These are all good shows.

If you missed David Shuster's excellent Hardballing of Fouad Ajami, you can catch it at C&L here. So, according to something I read here, this Mr. Ajami was one of the people who helped shape the argument that persuaded the top officials in the administration that Saddam had to go, he had to go now, and we should prepare for a “two-generation war”. And he got upset because he was misunderstood? Sorry, pal. You deserve to be called out on your lies every time you open your mouth in public. Way to go, David. Put me on the list of people who would rather see David Shuster host Hardball than Chris Matthews.

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