Friday, October 20, 2006

Wait 'Til Next Year

I'm stunned. I can't believe it. I can't believe the Mets lost! I was so sure that if they won game six, they would win game seven. Well, at least it was relatively quick. The game was tied until the eighth and then ended fairly quickly after that, so it’s not like they were losing from the first inning and never had a chance. It was a good game, and it featured my all-time favorite kind of play: robbing a home run. Endy Chavez went up and took Scott Rolen’s home run away. And it wasn’t one of those “iffy” catches where you could argue it might not have gone out. This was clearly over the wall and pulled back in. And the best part was that he got a double play out of it! Oh, well. No point in dwelling on it. I won’t blame Heilman for giving up the home run. I will blame Beltran for striking out looking with the bases loaded. That will take a long time for me to forgive. So, that means only one thing:



Anonymous said...

Is that football, Wayne? :)

Wayne A. Schneider said...

It's both my football team and my wife's initials. Either way, I root for the best.

Exley said...

Wayne....Jane told me about your blog. I had no idea! HEY ZOOEY!

Anyway, what can we say? Let's get 'em next year!

From (of all places!) National Review:

I've been at the dreary end of a lot of Met seasons, and there's a lot more appreciation and optimism than disappointment coming out of this one. When they lost to the Yanks in the 2000 World Series, they were an old, flawed team that had probably missed its last chance. This time around, the future is bright. They should be very competitive again next year and for years to come. Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya have really done a great job changing the tone.

Wayne A. Schneider said...

Thanks for the NR quote, Exley. I feel the same way. After Bobby Valentine and Steve Phillips were gone, I thought the team would pick up and they did. The young talent is exciting (and good), and Omar Minaya knows enough not to trade them away for aging veterans (as has been the Mets' way.)

So, I'm optimistic about next year. So much so that I am going to make a serious effort to watch every televised spring training game next season (unless they're on Wednesday afternoons.)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to stop in and check out all the crazy stuff inside my head. Actually, as of right now, it's only about 0.0001% of what's in there.

Exley said...

Wayne....I am glad to know about your blog. Now, if we have sports-related points to make, we can discuss them here instead of clogging up a TP thread....