Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Assassination of Eliot Spitzer

It's no secret that former NYS Governor Eliot Spitzer, while Attorney General of our state, made a lot of enemies on Wall Street. But just how far did that animosity go? And how did a former attorney general known for cracking down on the kind of white collar crime most Americans enjoy seeing enforced, get brought down by his connection to a prostitution ring? (The best explanation of the link that I heard was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Host Stewart asked Daily Show Legal Analyst Rob Riggle to explain exactly how was Eliot Spitzer linked to a prostitution ring. Riggle answered, "Through his penis." Isn't that how it always goes?)

It was clearly a busy week for the governor back in February. On Feb 12 he made an appearance on The Colbert Report. On Feb 13 he hooked up with now-famous call girl known as Kristen (pictured, left). And on Feb 14, he had a column published in the Washington Post in which he scathingly pronounced that the Bush Administration was taking the sides of the banks in the mortgage and sub-prime loan crisis, and calling them "partners in crime" with "predatory lenders".

Was this the point when Eliot Spitzer's political assassination was ordered? Was this the final straw? Was this why Roger J Stone was involved? Officially, Stone isn't anything in the Republican Party, except maybe their unofficial "go-to" guy when you want to do something extra sleazy, like threaten the elderly father of one of your political opponents. So how is it, exactly, then Stone knew that the story on Spitzer was about to come down? He doesn't work for the government, nor does he appear to be a legitimate journalist, so how could he have advance knowledge that they were about announce? Very suspicious. And, of course, Spitzer is not only forced to resign in disgrace, but it appears he must look for a new set of dentures. I guess Mrs. Spitzer wasn't too pleased.

The media spent a lot of time on this story. One could almost forgive them knowing of their addiction to stories about sex and politicians. But why couldn't any of them see even the remote possibility that this was a retaliatory move on the part of the Bush Adminsitration? I mean, is anybody going to claim that this is not how they operate? It's exactly how they operate! When someone comes forward and exposes them for the lying, scum-suckers they are, that someone is immediately attacked in a very personal way, a way that has nothing to do with the merits of what the person is saying about them. Throughout all of this, I have never heard anyone give a serious refutation of anything that Spitzer said about the Bush Administration's willingness to turn a blind eye to the shameful, greedy, profit-taking ways of the banking industry. Why isn't the media talking about how right Spitzer was?


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