Monday, October 29, 2007

Picking My Brain 07-10-27

I had to remind myself that whenever I want to smile, I just have to imagine George Stephanopoulos hosting This Week, and he has guests Robert Reich and Madeliene Albright, and the three of them are sitting in huge oversized chairs, so their legs all dangle down the front but come nowhere the near the floor. Like Edith Ann, from Laugh-In. Try it. I guarantee it will make you smile.

Talk about irony. When Ellen Degeneres had a sitcom, she had talked to everyone involved with the show about having Ellen's character (herself, more or less) finally come out of the closet. When one of the network executives heard about this, he said, "Why can't she just get a puppy?" So, Ellen's staff decided to refer to the episode in which Ellen's character comes out as, "The Puppy." Then she got into all that trouble over giving away a puppy.

Rudy Giuliani's divorce from Donna Hanover didn't happen until July 2002. Remember that famous stunt when his cell phone rang during the middle of a speech, and he tried to pretend it wasn't set up? Remember how he said that "ever since 9/11" he and Judith would call each other to say, "I love you." I hate to say it, but "Ever since 9/11"? He was still married to Donna Hanover at the time. (In fairness, I guess I should point out that he had already announced that he was separating from Hanover in May of 2001. She learned about it at the same time we all did, as Rudy announced it at a press conference before telling her. Republican values for you.)

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