Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Step in the Right Direction

A report in the Washington Post reveals that California is, at the very least, standing up to the corrupt electronic voting machine companies. And when I say "corrupt", I'm talking about the companies that make electronic voting equipment that "just happen" to fail in ways that virtually always favor Republicans.

If you haven't been keeping up with this issue, I strongly urge you to check out Bev Harris' great site Black Box Voting to learn more about how our democracy is being stolen from us. One company, Election System & Software, was run by now-Senator Chuck Hagel, who won a surprising victory where 85% of the vote was counted on his voting machines. Sort of looks suspicious, doesn't it?

And this isn't just "conspiracy talk" nonsense, either. There have been documented instances where a voter's attempt to vote for a Democrat was switched by the machine to the vote for the Republican. Though they may have happened, I am unaware of any instance in which an electronic voting machine tried to change a vote for a Republican to a vote for a Democrat. Pay attention to this issue, folks. Learn what the rules are regarding alternate ballots in your state. If you can, fill one out on paper.

They should have banned the machines altogether, but at least California headed toward the right drection, if somewhat hesitantly.


willyloman said...

Remember the owner of Diebold promising at a Republican fundraiser to deliver Ohio's EC votes to the Republicans in 2004? Or the exit polls (before they dismanteled the exit poll process) not matching the voting talleys in 2000 and 2002?
The E-Voting machines are the single most dangerous issue facing our Constitutional Republic. They don't fear angering the public anymore, because the elections are fixed. We are completely powerless if we don't stop ESS and Diebold.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne (& Jane)!
I'm attaching a link regarding the EVM's as well as a blog which is almost totally devoted to the horror stories still coming in from every state, especially Ohio, during the 2004 stolen election. Ken Blackwell was Ohio Sup. of Elections while serving as Chair of Bush/Cheney 04 - and they used Diebold machines.

Here 'tis!

also -

Best to the two of you! I've given up on TP and actually am taking a month's hiaitus from all this horrendous stuff - if Congress can do it, so can I.

Then I plan to become very actively involved in the events.

Hi Willyloman! It's been such a long time since our paths have crossed on TP. It's good to see you!

Blessings all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne and Jane,

Have you watched this video called "Hacking Democracy"?
It is really an astounding demonstration of election fraud using the Diebold machines.
And then PBS's NOW-Voter Caging

Anyway, you probably already saw both, but just in case you haven't..

I really like your webpage.